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Managed SEO

What to expect from our local SEO solutions.

Since 2011, The Kortes Group has been a leading provider of web & SEO services in the Dallas - Fort Worth metroplex. Our team uses years of data collected from many different industry types to formulate an SEO strategy tailored specifically to your website's needs. You can always expect full transparency and 100% authentic content. We never manipulate the search engines with black-hat SEO services that can penalize your site. Educated English speaking writers write all of our content and publish to trusted websites with high domain authority. We are current with all major search engine algorithm updates as to prevent any unwanted penalties. Managed SEO is more than just buying a single product it is an on-going investment that when done correctly can produce a significant return.

Powerful SEO Strategy

How does search engine optimization work?

There is power at the top! Getting to and staying at the top of search engines can be a challenging yet rewarding task. We like to focus on small wins, by analyzing where your site has the quickest potential we can tailor our content marketing strategy to move those listings the fastest.


  • Local Listing Optimization

  • Site Adjustments

  • Natural Link Building

  • On-Site Blogging

  • Press Release Distribution

  • Video Production

Affordable SEO Company

It would take a team of employees to fill these shoes!

SEO is a labor-intensive service consisting of article publishing, relationship building, analytics monitoring, and social management. To fill these shoes, it would require hiring a web, SEO, and social media manager(s) at an average salary of $65,000+ per year. Our pricing is significantly lower, and by sourcing the work, you save a considerable amount of money and have fewer responsibilities that follow a new hire.

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