Natural Link Building

Backlinks Contribute to 60% of Search Ranking Factors

It is just as important now as it has ever been, so do not be fooled by SEO companies that will tell you backlinks aren't essential. Awhile back Algorithms got smarter and began to penalize SEO campaigns with low-quality backlinks. 

Natural Link Building shows the Search Engines that your site is being linked to from high-quality domains. These domains need to have content that is relevant to your niche with natural Anchor Links. For example, it would be better to use a brand name for the Anchor Link rather than a Geo-Targeted Keyword that is hard to use naturally within the content writing.


We have established relationships with 1000's of high-authority websites that are all real and run by individuals and not blog networks used for low quality linking strategies. Our links come from many different places like Guest Posts on domains with an authority of 10-50+, 2nd Tier Links Slow Dripped, and in certain situations minimal homepage sidebar links.


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