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Google Mobile Just Got a Facelift

If you haven’t noticed yet, Google’s mobile homepage recently got a gorgeous new redesign. The mobile version of Google.com has gone through the most significant revamp in several years, designed to feature a plethora of content specifically tailored to the individual user. The redesign came from a desire to have the mobile search homepage more closely resemble Google’s search app.

Content Tailored for the Individual Consumer

The content included below the search bar features a wide variety of content recommendations that are specifically curated based on past Google activity and websites of interest. Most noticeably, the content features topic snippets above each story, giving users the ability to view a wide variety of content snippets before selecting one that they would like to see at a deeper level. Content varies from news updates to updates from your most-visited websites.

Location-Specific Content

Another critical update to Google’s new mobile homepage is the fact that the content curated on each user’s mobile homepage is also tailored to their specific location. News and information that is specific to your location will be mixed into the other content showcased. The local content is positioned based on Google’s deep algorithm that determines which pieces of content are most likely to appeal to an individual user and to generate a click-through to the full portion of content or story.

Why Mobile Marketing is More Important Than Ever

With mobile adoption rates increasing at an incredibly rapid rate (surpassing 80% over 2016 alone), mobile marketing can’t be overlooked. In 2016, the average American spent over 500 hours a year navigating mobile sites or apps and talking on their mobile phone. While it used to be acceptable to make sure your company had an excellent mobile site only, it is now becoming more and more crucial to tailor your company’s online experience specifically to mobile users. Today’s mobile user expects an experience that is tailored specifically to their needs. They expect a sleek, fast mobile experience that provides them with the information they are looking for without over-burdening them with large volumes of text.

At The Kortes Group, we know that in today’s digital world, search engine optimization should be one of the top focuses of your company’s marketing strategy. Our purpose is to increase your leads by helping your company get found online. We know that over 60% of searches now come from mobile search, meaning that Google’s mobile redesign can’t be ignored. Working with a professional, affordable SEO company is the perfect way to analyze where your current mobile strategy stands and to make concrete improvements in your potential customers’ mobile experience.

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