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How do I choose the right SEO company?

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

If you're looking to increase the visibility of your website in search engines, it helps to have the backing of an SEO agency to get you there.

When searching for an SEO company, one of the first things to look out for are those that offer lofty expectations, quick results, and guaranteed rankings. These SEO firms either don't know what they're doing or are not implementing sound SEO practices.

A reliable SEO company knows that earning a reputation for a site is an ongoing effort, one that takes persistence as well as trust in tried and true SEO principles.

If we are in a rush to get a new business on the map, we may be making errors from the outset. We may rush to get content out. We may be creating links too quickly. We may be overlooking the actual user experience on our pages. This can give a business a bad name.

Thus, we must grow a new site artfully and organically.

What Good SEO Companies Do

Search engine optimization is a collection of principles that involve building and optimizing a site for maximum search engine visibility.

Good SEO uses practice such as:

- Posting unique content in niche fields to help grab rankings for "long tail" keywords. Long tail keywords are more specific than broad term keywords. A long tail keyword would be "Yankees baseball tickets" as opposed to "tickets." A robust SEO strategy is to consistently target niche phrases in a topic as a way of attracting ultra-targeted visitors to our pages. We want to maximize all website hits by making sure every click already has an interest in our site's topic.

- Natural link building to grow our site's. A trustworthy site that Google will show appreciation for is one that is linked to by other relevant sites. A sound SEO firm knows that link building must be done artfully as to avoid sending a "this site is low-quality" message to Google. Spamming links all over the internet may have worked for a short time, but not anymore.

- Structuring our site for natural search engine optimization. This involves letting Google know which parts of our site to show attention to and which to ignore. We also submit to them a "sitemap," which is a type of search engine specific, website menu. Our site's hyperlinks should have keywords in them. Our site should have many internal links and be easy to navigate. If its easy for a human to navigate, it will be easy for search engines to crawl.

There are many more tenets of SEO, but, to boil it down, it is primarily of processing and qualifying our site - as we demonstrate our site's value to visitors and search engines, higher rankings will be achieved.


The Kortes group is aware that SEO must be approached the right way. We have gotten results for other clients and can do the same for your company.

Let us help get you on the map!

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