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How to Build Backlinks for Your Website

Building backlinks is a very understood element of search engine optimization and something that a reputable SEO company has in their site building arsenal. The constant crawling of hyperlinks indexes the internet at large. One link leads to the next and the next, creating the web as we know it. When search engines were in their early stages, this was a significant ranking factor. Backlinks must be established the right way, however, as to avoid penalization from Google.

Anchor Text

A hyperlink's anchor text is the actual text display of the link hiding its full URL; Google, at one time, used this anchor text as a way of determining keyword relevance to websites. For example, a site linking to a pet store http://pets-r-us.com with the anchor text "Pet Store" was once a simple way of gaining rank for the search term "pet store."

People got wise to this and started spamming links with their chosen anchor text all over the web. Comment sections of sites were filled with low-quality posts from people so desperate to get their links up. Making the internet, in general, somewhat spammy.


Google, put a stop to link spam by upgrading their algorithm to ascertain backlink context. Links are found within web content which contains keywords. These keywords create a type of field that joins relevant keywords together in keyword groups. When Google finds a backlink to a site purporting web design, there are going expect the link to be found amongst text that contains relevant keyword about web design. Keywords such as web design, SEO, web development and Wordpress development are examples of keywords that should naturally be found within the web design "keyword field."

Natural Growth

Backlinks are one of those things that come "by osmosis" when you are the owner of a quality site. People like to share and link to quality pages. Google deems that a site of quality will slowly but surely start to gain links. What this means is that if Google sees a site get too many links too quickly, they may see that as being a "red flag." Now, this doesn't mean that every site that gains link quickly is a spam site. If a site is new, however, they may be less inclined to trust that site. Therefore, links will be less effective on a relatively young site until it gains some maturity. This does not mean a new webmaster should ever cease in their efforts to create links, but they should be aware that they're not going to put them on page one of Google overnight.


Even with all of Google's algorithms updates over the years, backlinks still matter! A reputable SEO company will help your site gain backlinks using tried and true, white hat techniques. The Kortes Group has the know-how to building a website to achieve lasting results.

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