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Improve Your Backlinking Strategy

Although the reliability of quality backlinking to your site is still unchanging, the ways in which you obtain them has. An SEO company worth its salt is going to include backlinking strategies into a comprehensive marketing plan by developing links with not only high authority sites, but that also add meaning to their image.

Counter to old ways of thinking, it is not productive to spam different blogs with links to your website anymore (and no one ever did like this anyway). In order to earn your backlink, you'll need to say something of quality.

The following are five more advanced backlinking strategies that really deliver!

1. Guest Blogging For Bigger Sites

This initial approach will take the most amount of time from your schedule, however, it also provides some of the largest payouts. Guest blogging is posting on larger sites with links pointing back to your own.

Developing guest blogging relationships and posting your original content on other websites is not just going to help expand your brand's scope and push traffic back to your site, but it'll build site authority as well.

With this strategy, the advantage is primarily in earning a long-term association with a more authoritative and established brand and website.

Through forming a connection with larger sites, you have the opportunity to capitalize on even more marketing possibilities such as additional guest blogs and articles, co-branded plans perhaps, speaking opportunities and more backlinking.

Of course, easier said than done, we understand.

So, what's the best place to start?

1. Create a List of Potential Sites

The beginning step is deciding which sites you would prefer to receive referral traffic.

Imagine it like this: What are your personas reading? Where are they headed for content?

Begin by generating a list of the 20-30 top sites (if needed you can ask customers if you're having trouble).

You could surely go for random high authority websites to obtain the backlinks, but the work needed to make content is more efficient if you can spread out to more qualified views for enhanced referral traffic to your page at the same time.

On your list, just include the websites that buyer personas are actually going to be viewing.

2. Slim it down!

The following step is to place those sites in a ranking by their social authority, domain authority and importance to the persona and your services. You may want to utilize tools such as Moz Bar (free) or Open Site Explorer to clarify domain authority. As well as Followerwonk to distinguish social authority.

Take note of Facebook likes and LinkedIn company followers in order to assist in your ranking efforts. Throughout your research, be on the lookout for the site's guidelines for sharing and posting.

Don't forget: the editor might exclude your links if you add too many or do not properly follow their instructions, so it's usually best to remain more focused to make your backlinking meaningful.

With a bit of luck, you'll have an article on the site while gaining valuable backlinks. Then, the blog article you used as your 'call-to-action' is going to receive more traffic to your website.

If you're still wondering whether your backlinking strategy is effective, we know just the place for you to call. At the Kortes Group, we pride ourselves as an SEO company of the highest quality. To find out more, visit our website at https://www.thekortesgroup.com.

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