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Understanding the Different Types of Backlinks

Any website owner knows that links are valuable in many ways. They help prove to search engines that the website has authority while allowing you to reach out to untapped audiences, which can potentially become customers.

Undoubtedly, link building is a crucial part of your SEO strategy; however, not all links are created equal, which is why you need a reliable SEO company to guide you. Some factors need to be analyzed so the backlinks can genuinely help improve your rankings. Some links are a must for your SEO campaign while others add very little to no value to your website. Even worse, they can negatively impact your SEO, which is why you have to avoid them.

Here is a list of the best backlinks that you should have for your site to earn benefits not just today but for the long term:

Guest Blogging

Acquire links when you submit a guest post to a blog or website where you will often be allowed to add an editorial link in the content. It helps that you choose the best blogs that are in the same niche as yours or one that has a massive reach.


When another site links to yours because you have quality content, it is called an editorial backlink. The best editorial links are when another website refers to your website as one of the resources for information and when you are cited as the creator of a piece of content, video, image, or infographic.

Often, the first step to gaining an editorial link is to create strong content, which can be a go-to resource. You can also write an interesting piece that other websites may want to talk about or share.

Business Profile

It is essential that your business has an online profile on a social media site, business listings, and directories. You can include a link, which would point the readers to your website.

Aside from the types of links above, some links may not be necessary for your SEO campaign but can still provide value. Here are some of them:

Guest Post Bio

If the blogging site does not allow you to add a link on the content, the alternative is to include it in the author bio.


If you form a relationship with another website, or perhaps you sponsor an event, the other site may mention yours and offer the link to the readers. You can also get this type of backlink from websites that may be talking about your brand, products, or services.

Press Release

If your company has something newsworthy to share, you can create a press release that news outlets and other sites will pick up. It can help you gain more links, especially if it is indeed an exciting post.

Links to Avoid

While there are links that you should include in your SEO strategy, you will also find that there are some that will not provide any value to your website. As much as possible, stay away from an SEO company that adds paid links to your marketing plan. You may be tempted to buy or sell links to other sites, which can negatively impact your site and its reputation.

You may also want to avoid linking at directory links that are not specific to your industry. Creating your profile may add to your number of links, but your site will appear as spammy.

Understanding backlinks and choosing those that can support your website is not an easy task. You need The Kortes Group to help you build a backlink strategy that will feature only quality links.

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