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What is White Hat SEO?

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

White hat SEO, in opposition with "black hat" SEO, is the application of legitimate search engine optimization techniques to gain search engine rankings. Black hat SEO uses cheap methods that attempt to cheat the search engines for faster, yet shorter lasting, results.

One thing that makes black hat SEO all too tempting for brand new webmasters is the dread of hard work that white hat methods require. Any reputable SEO specialist knows that true search engine optimization takes time. They also know, however, that white hat SEO methods yield long-lasting results.

To boil Down SEO:

A site requires quality content, age, incoming backlinks, user-friendly experience and reasonable load speeds for search engines success. There is no way around this, but, unfortunately, many a newbie webmaster has tried to find shortcuts.

Let's Compare White Hat Techniques with Black Hat


A white hat SEO company consistently creates unique, quality content for pages. The more of this they have, the more indexing real estate they acquire. The more indexing estate they have, the more traffic their websites attract.

A black hat will duplicate content from other sites, or, will speedily create low-quality content. As search engines can pick up on plagiarism and can also ascertain user engagement, this is not a reasonable solution for anyone looking for long-term success.


A white hat SEO company like The Kortes Group is aware that a domain's age is a ranking factor. They are patient and know that their sites must first earn trust with Google.

A black hat can't stand the idea of having to wait for results, yet, there is nothing they can do to change the fact that their domain must age to establish credibility.

Incoming Backlinks

A white hat will grow their backlinks naturally. They know that a site that has quality content is going to get backlinks without much additional effort; people can't help but link to content that they find useful.

A black hat spams the web with links to their site, even if the sites those links are posted on are entirely out of context with their own.

User-Friendly Experience

A white hat knows that a good site is built for people, not just for the Google robots. They understand that a user-friendly experience is a great way to build an audience and to make the best use of every website hit.

A black hat feels that all SEO is related to coding and robots and, therefore, place the user experience as a second priority.

Load Speeds

A white hat optimizes their site for speedy loading. Knowing that, in this day and age, if a user has to wait a long time to access a page, they are going to exit to find something more dynamic.

A black hat has no regard for the user experience and, therefore, loads their pages down with ads and low-quality applications.


White hat SEO is a process that takes time, but once traffic starts flowing, the hard work pays off. Don't be in a hurry to get results, just trust tried and true SEO methods.

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