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Why Local SEO Matters

When dealing with many SEO companies, there are a lot of factors that can cause for the campaign to be unsuccessful. In many situations that we have dealt with, the previous SEO company attempts to target keyword phrases that are too broad. The reason this is a problem is that most small businesses are based within a local service area. Trying to rank local Joe's electrician company would be nearly impossible if the primary keyword is "electric company." When you take into consideration the location of the company, it makes far more sense to rank for a phrase like "electrician in Mansfield." On a local level, the competition drops dramatically giving the company a fighting chance to rank above the few others electricians in their area.

Local SEO Solutions

To rank in your local area, it is essential to focus on the SEO tactics listed below.

  • Localized On-Site Adjustments

  • Local Map Listings

  • 2nd Tier Foundation Building

  • Distributed Press Releases

  • Local Directory Listings

  • High Authority Guest Blogs

Although these tactics are only a small portion of what encompasses an SEO campaign, they are what we believe are most crucial for dominating your local search results.

If you are looking to dominate your competition in the search engines, then you have come to the right place. Our SEOs have over ten years of experience and work with local businesses daily. We not only understand what it takes to rank in local search results; we know how to crush your competition in the process.

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