Press Release Distribution

Quality Content and Important News Make Great PR

PR is an excellent addition to your SEO campaign because it opens the door for some natural link building potentials. With our distribution, your press release will be delivered across tons of prominent news channels.

All of our Press Releases are distributed directly through the Associated Press Exchange. This puts your content directly in front of the most popular News Blog Networks. What makes this distribution important is if backed by quality, shareable content these Networks will re-publish your content to their readers. Once your PR content is available to the public, it opens the door for others to link to it if they find it relevant to their site and marketing efforts. These natural backlinks are very impactful for your SEO strategy.


After your first Press Release, you'll also be able to add the logos of the News Channels to your website like Fox, ABC, CBS, and more. This helps with building trust with your users who visit your website and now feel more comfortable with your brand. User Experience is a critical ranking factor when it comes to SEO. Get started on improving your website in search results, contact The Kortes Group.


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